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Electric Capper

Electric Capper
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Electric Capper

Electric Capper

This hand-held electric capping machine is mainly used to the screw cap tighten and loosen. Easy to carry, which can be easily used to tighten or loosen the cap with outer diameter of 10-50mm.

Its adjustable clutch (readjustment) can effectively avoid the cap damage and reduce the wear and tear of the internal plug once the cap is tightened chuck to stop spinning, show that you can be the next cap operation.

Comfortable to Hold - Ergonomic design, hand-held comfort, easy to control

Jog Screw Cap - Jog switch design, the screw cap is quickly tightened once

Wide Application - Capping work applicable to a variety of high strength bottle caps apply to the the cap direct range of 10-50 mm, a single production capacity of up to 30-90 bottles/min.

Power Input: AC 220V

Power Consumption:80w

Capping diameter:φ10-50mm

Production capacity:30-90 bottles/min. (Depending on proficiency)

Bottle Height :Not limited


Work Type: Electric Capping

Operation forms: Handheld

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